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Peace will come to me


March 5th, 2012

God save the Czar

Big Brother's back. Given that he's never been away... What evil things are going on in my country if I can't help voting even living abroad? The saddest thing is, it's not the fraud during the elections. It's people who REALLY WANT their Czar back on the throne. There are many. And I'm so f***ing ashamed of being a part of this nation.  

March 2nd, 2012

(no subject)

Dear, since when does the "horoscoper journalist" mean "a highly skilled astrologer who makes horoscopes and does some writing"? Instead of a journalist who has some imagination to write horoscopes for a local paper. I could have the funniest job ever but... I have no idea what an "ascendant" means. Lo-o-oser. 

Small town witches

Since I moved to a Beautiful Town, I feel like a bloody rock star. People are staring at me shamelessly in the streets, although I wouldn't call myself a freak or something. So I just make faces once they don't ask to sign a CD or whatever. 

And, well... If you are a big fan of 1990s then it's the right place to be for you. Not that Mr. Cobain is recording his "In Utero" once again or the Gallaghers beat up Thom Yorke in a gateway. No, it's that i-am-as-gloomy-as-my-clothes thing, that hey-guy-what's-up-do-you-have-a-smoke thing that can be funny or terrifying depending on your mood.  

Anyway, "I could be a supermodel or Norman Mailer, and you wouldn't know the difference", and that's a plus. Believe it or not, but I enjoy it. 
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